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is Proud to Recognize Our
2018 District Couple of the Year
Joe and Janel Piper
We are Joe and Janel Piper; continuing as Georgia District Couple of the Year for 2018. Although we were not chosen as the last Region A COY, we had a great time this past year representing our state at GWRRA functions. It is an honor to continue to be the face of GA District COY for another year.

When we signed up for our initial membership, never in our wildest dreams did we think that we would be gaining a family. In just 4 years, we have made more friends than we did during our pre-GWRRA life! We can say we have friends all over the USA.

So, who are we? We are a couple that simply enjoys riding a Gold Wing. We get lots of attention when we ride down the highway, because our 1994 1500 Wing is teal in color. We dubbed her the Bermuda Pearl along with her matching trailer affectionately known as Calypso; it makes lots of folks take a second glance.

When we aren't riding, we have filled our retirement days with whatever strikes our fancy. Being grandparents to five grandsons and one granddaughter all under the age of 9 can keep us pretty busy following them on Facebook and Skype. At times, we have our youngest grandson spending time with us. He is the only one that actually lives in Georgia. The other grandkids reside in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Joe enjoys tinkering in the garage, watching westerns on TV or working on antique mantel clocks. Janel enjoys creating quilts and can spend hours quilting in her sewing room.

We love being a part of the GWRRA family. You are never a stranger and our circle of friends just keeps growing and growing. We are honored to be the 2018 Georgia District Couple of the Year and are looking forward to saying Hi to everyone when we come to visit!

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