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2019 Ride-In Page
F R I E N D S     f o r
The Georgia District Team is very pleased to announce our 2019 Georgia District Ride-In... "Come Ride With Us". You can call this event a rally, if you like; however, it will not be a traditional type rally. Instead, we will feature a RIDING EVENT! We will be having our event on September 19-21 at the fantastic River Vista Resort and Campground in Dillard, GA. We will be offering daily guided rides, that will feature little traveled roads and sites. Come Ride With Us will also have FUN campground types of games, our District Couple of the Year selection, a GOURMET hot dog meal and more... all for $10 per person. Yes, $10!

Click HERE to download a flyer

It is all about the RIDES!!!
For 2019, the Georgia District "Annual Event" is about getting together to ride! Of course, as you know by now, we are back in Dillard, GA this year... which means we are in the mountains. We will feature seven different guided rides. Please know that all of the planned rides are "Mountain Rides". If you are not comforable riding on narrow mountain roads, please consult with Carlos Lozano (who planned all these rides) to help determine if any of these rides are well suited to your comfort level and riding ability.

Below, you will find a listing of all the planned rides. At this date, all of the routes are in the DRAFT status. That means that the routes need to be ridden a final time to see if any "tweeks" are needed. Well before the date of the Ride-In, the routes will be marked as FINAL. Additionally, please note that each route is available in Garmin GPX format. If you have a Garmin GPS... and if you know how to import routes... and if you are an experienced Road Captain, we hope you will consider assisting with Leading or Dragging a group on one or more of these rides. Simply contact Carlos if you are willing to assist.

Click HERE to download a compressed file (RAR) of all seven routes in Garmin GPX format. (Right Click to extract after downloading.)

If you have any questions... or if you have difficulty downloading or installing the routes, don't hesitate to contact Carlos Lozano (contact information is on our Team Page).

If you plan on riding, please show up ontime with gas tanks full and bladders empty!
Thursday Ride
There is one ride scheduled for Thursday afternoon. This ride is only about 50 miles; however it will take about 2 hours to complete the loop. The route initially wanders through some narrow, very lightly traveled roads and then loops by Lake Sed and Lake Burton, before following a portion of Old Hwy 441 back to Clayton.
Friday Rides
FRIDAY Morning: This ride is a short 65 mile loop that will entail about 2 hours in the saddle. The route include one comfort stop at just over the half way point in Cashiers, NC. Some true gems of mountain roads are to be discovered on this ride.

FRIDAY All Day: This ride is an extension of the morning ride covering about 125 miles with just over 4 hours in the saddle. It will peel off of the morning route and cover several additional winding and scenic routes. Through one section, you may wonder where you might end up... but it will be well worth your time. The route does include a lunch stop at a local Mexican restaurant in Rosman, NC.

FRIDAY Afternoon: This ride is about 87 miles and will be about 2-1/2 hours in the saddle. The short route will take you over a portion of the beautiful GA-197 and by Sky Lake. Join us for this fun ride!
Saturday Rides
SATURDAY Morning: The Saturday morning ride is one of the longer 1/2 day rides. It covers 110 miles and will be about 3-1/2 hours in the saddle. The route goes through the northern portion of GA-197, towards Helen, up through Hiawassee, along fantastic Lake Chatuge and over part of Old Murphy Road. There will be one comfort stop along the route... Hmmm, maybe a DQ!

SATURDAY All Day: The Saturday all-day ride is the longest of our featured rides. It is 155 miles in length and will be 4-1/2 miles in the saddle. It will have two or three stops (possible comfort stop, Road to Nowhere, lunch); The route take you over Wayah Road (super scenic) and along US-74 before heading to the Road to Nowhere. If you haven't been there before, you are sure to love it. Afterwards, we will grab luchin Bryson City, before heading back to River Vista Resort.

SATURDAY Afternoon: The Saturday afternoon ride is a relaxing 80 mile loop and will be about 2-1/2 hours in the saddle. The route takes the glorious War Woman Road back to Hwy 28. From there, it travels south, entering South Carolina and then turning north into North Carolina.